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You probably know that you should be doing more marketing for your business, but you just don't have time or don't know where to start. The world of online marketing can seem overwhelming to the newcomer and too time consuming for many busy business owners. Pickle Marketing is passionate about helping businesses grow using the power of online marketing. Based in Berkshire, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes, locally and across the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me?
There are many ways we can help – whether it’s managing your social media platforms, doing some internet research, compiling your contact database, updating your website, blogging or helping with email marketing  – we have a team of people waiting to help you.  We understand the feeling of having a ‘to- do list’ which reaches to the floor or just never having time to do your own marketing as you are too busy dealing with client work – that’s why we are here!  Hand over those tasks that are getting you in a pickle and let us help you!

But how is the work done virtually?
Once you are on-board as a client – you can just send us work by email, shared online folders such as Dropbox, Skype...or just pick up the phone and give us a call – whichever works best for you!  
We will then do the work and send back to you just as you have asked.

What are the charges?
We work on an hourly basis or fixed monthly retainers.  You are only charged for the time we have spent working on your tasks and we use online timesheets so you can always track where we are spending our time. 

 Can I use you for just one off jobs?
Of course! We pride ourselves on our flexibility so whether you want and extra pair of hands for a one off project or would like support on a more full/part time basis – it’s totally up to you and your budget! 

What do you do for other people?
This is a question we get asked a lot and it really varies.  We have such a wide range of clients stretching over many differing professions. Our Services Page gives some examples of what we can offer – but it doesn’t stop there!  Don’t see something you’re after?...just ask!  If you would like examples of our work or references – please just get in touch!

I know I need some help with my marketing, but I’m just not sure how or with what?
It’s a common problem so please don’t worry. At least you’ve made the first step in realising you need help.  The first step we would recommend is a Skype/phone call to find out what your main issues are so we can help you going forward.   Our ultimate aim is to come up with a solution to suit you.

I just need help with getting my marketing set up, then I’ll be OK on my own
No problem.  We can help you set up some marketing plans and then give you the training so you can move forward with it on your own.  Sometimes it’s just a fresh pair of eyes or an expert opinion that’s needed to get you on the right path!  Whether it be setting up your Social Media profiles and planning a strategy or creating an email marketing system and designing your templates - we can help you!

I need to start using Social Media to raise my online profile...but I don’t know where to start?
Social media is HUGE and its come a long way.  In our opinion, if you’re not using it or indeed using it correctly, you’re going to get left behind!  We offer a few options here, we can train you up to show you how and why you should be using it.  We can provide monthly mentoring to ensure you're on the right track and sending out the right content! Or, we can also help manage the accounts for you if you just don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself - we have basic support plans through to the all singing all dancing packages! Whatever your requirements, we can work in with you.  You can read more here.

Can you guarantee to meet our deadlines?
We will never knowingly undertake work which cannot be completed within the required timescales.

Can we meet to discuss my requirements?
The majority of work undertaken doesn't require a face-to-face meeting however; there are occasions, when there is significant benefit in having face-to-face discussions to establish a clear understanding of your requirement. If you feel this is necessary please just ask when you contact us. Meetings are on an appointment only basis.

Can you guarantee confidentiality?
Absolutely!  All of our clients are guaranteed that their work is handled in a confidential and secure manner and will not be disclosed to any other party, directly or indirectly, nor will any information received from a client be used to benefit In a Pickle. We are happy to sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements if required.


Still got Questions?  No problem, get in touch today and we can talk through them!

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