What does a master marketing plan look like?

When the list of tasks to undertake in marketing your business is so long, the idea of taking the easy route (with little to no marketing effort) is very appealing. Before you decide to take that route, it’s important to understand why building a marketing plan can make the process much easier, more effective and brings a better return on your investment.

What might seem simple to some, is confusing to others, therefore, your marketing plan should look to answer three core questions: who your target customer is, how you intend to reach them, and how you intend to retain your customers and maintain their loyalty.


Traditionally speaking, marketing plans would include an Executive Summary, Mission Statement, SWOT analysis, objectives etc. However, it’s widely accepted that this way of generating a marketing plan isn’t the only way. 

Developing a plan that is ‘actionable’ and isn’t fixed to a set of actions for the foreseeable 12 months (or longer), but rather a document that is interchangeable and can be amended on an ongoing basis depending on whether the goals have been reached or they need to be changed.


Ensuring points are actionable, whether in a document that is constantly evolving, or one that is fixed for a particular amount of time, there should be clear objectives and goals that you can start to measure as you progress – after all, how would you know your marketing plan was a success, if you couldn’t measure it? Check out our blog on measuring your marketing’s success if you don’t know where to begin!


Outlining your marketing plan, should help you identify which activities you should and shouldn’t be undertaking, based on your marketing goals. However, in the age of digital marketing, it can seem like you should be employing every marketing task you can think of. By outlining your SMART goals, you can narrow down these options to the ones you really need. Each goal should be; specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound.


Still confused?

Pickle Marketing can show you the easiest and most effective way to develop a marketing plan for your business, one that is actionable and measurable. On Friday, November 30th we’re running a workshop that will kick-start your planning for 2019.

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