Threading the trends: How social media can give beauty salons a marketing face-lift

From makeup hauls to hair tutorials - and the fact that halo brows are now a thing - social media is full to the brim with all things ‘beautiful’ and the trends of right now.

Trends change - and they change quickly, so to be a successful salon owner you need to keep head and shoulders above the rest. With the average person spending almost 2 hours per day scrolling through social media streams, we know the competition is sharper than a fresh set of pointed acrylic nails.

So here’s why it’s important to keep your social media well groomed:

Knowing the trends

If you’ve seen a new trend, you probably saw it on social media first and that’s, ahem, the beauty of it. If you’re not actively using any platforms, then the market is changing without you and you’ll be missing those all important opportunities to engage with your potential customers, share your skills and of course, have fun while doing it. Being active on a daily basis will allow you to see what your competitors are up to, know what everyone’s talking about, and also help inform your service and marketing strategies towards the next big thing.

Keeping your competitive edge

Whilst it’s important to not miss the boat on big social talking points, you don’t want to be constantly going along with the trends - you want to lead them. Walk around your salon and engage yourself with it’s image and uniqueness. Focus on elements of your brand identity; are you modern, or traditional? Do you have a vibrant, urban vibe, or are you calmer and in the countryside? Your tone of voice on social media will be unique and needs to represent the feel and atmosphere of your salon. This will highlight you as a confident and standalone brand which will work wonders with overall appeal to your followers.

Lifelong customer loyalty

Social media is great for creating a community. By posting great content regularly, you’ll stay at the forefront of people’s minds and create a familiarity that your customers will naturally feel attracted too. Rather than being constantly informative about services or business changes, reach out and speak to your customers - create fun polls they can engage with, short tutorial videos, competitions and even giveaways to help promote your brand and get people loving what you do.

We love all things beauty here at Pickle Marketing, and even Pickles the pup enjoys a fresh trim every now and then! We love to help those in the beauty industry really make the most of what you do and show off your skills online.


Get in touch to find out how we could help you, or if your platforms are already hotter than a wax pot, tag us in what you’re up to and we’ll follow you!

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