Take a break from social media before you become an addict

Never underestimate the importance of taking a break.  And I mean taking a proper break.

Phone off, emails ignored, social media sites out of sight and out of mind.

What am I saying? Social media sites off limits? Surely not. The whole point of social media is to be sociable, and what’s more sociable than sharing images of your holiday, letting family, friends and colleagues take a break by proxy as they frolic in the sand and splash in the sea with you … virtually.

In fact, I’ve seen the light, brothers and sisters.

I’m back in the groove after a fabulous week away in Cornwall – in amazing weather, which always helps – and I took a complete break from everything that is second nature to me.

Normally, at work, I respond to phone calls, emails and Twitter updates as promptly as is possible, almost before the alerting ‘ding’ has died away.

On holiday, I had allowed the habit of sneaking a peak at the various social media platforms I follow in that quiet time between the day’s activities and the start of the evening entertainment – normally post-shower and pre-dinner.

Does that sound like an unhealthy addiction to you or a keen businesswoman eager to stay on top of things? Maybe a bit of both.

Either that or I’m too much of a nosy so-and-so and I hate to miss out on other people’s news.

You might have seen the report which compared the brains of children who spend too much time playing games on their smartphones and tablets to those of cocaine addicts.

The frontal cortex showed staggering similarities.

Harley Street rehab clinic specialist Mandy Saligari was quoted in The Independent, among other publications, saying: ‘If you catch addiction early enough you can teach children how to self-regulate, so we’re not policing them and telling them what to do.’

Ofcom figures show that more than four in ten parents of 12-15 year-olds find it hard to control their children’s screen time.

I can relate to that. I’ve caught myself checking Instagram or Twitter last thing at night or even just a few minutes after a previous glance at the smartphone. What could possibly have happened in those intervening moments?

For business, Pickle Marketing needs to stay on top of things and we monitor our clients’ timelines and newsfeeds conscientiously. But everyone has to have some reinvigorating down-time.

I’m so grateful that I have developed my business to a point where I have a good team in place to allow that to happen. It wasn’t always the case and I paid with my health.

If you can see that happening to you, take action now. Make the most of this summer to take a proper break.

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