Social Media Advertising: a beginner’s guide

It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s simply not good enough to only be using social media organically anymore. In years gone by, the first step to getting your brand online was to use social media and connect with your customers, however just “being online” won’t make much of an impact in today’s cyber-world.

Social media platforms have cottoned-on to the fact that millions (yes, millions) of brands are using their platforms to get business, and they’re not getting anything from it. So, to tackle this they now give brands the option to boost their reach, engagement, and conversions through paid advertising. With platforms changing their algorithms frequently, to favour personal profiles over business pages, the requirement for advertising has never been higher.


So, where do you begin? If you’ve already established which platforms are right for you, and you’ve already accumulated an audience, the next step would be to figure out what your goal is when it comes to your advert. If you’ve not considered the marketing funnel when it comes to communication, our blog can help.

Advertising types



Brand Awareness — Improve the opportunities for your audience to know more about your brand and the full range of services you’re offering

Reach — Increase the number of people seeing your content, by letting your ad reach as many people as possible



Traffic — Boost the number of visits to your website

Engagement — Increase the opportunities for your audience to interact with your content or your page

Video Views — Get the maximum number of people to watch your videos

Lead Generation — Collect useful information about your audience, like email addresses, phone numbers etc.



Conversions — Encourage users to visit your website or complete a desired action e.g. click on a landing page or read a particular white paper

Product Catalog Sales — Show users products from your product catalog. (Facebook only)

Store Visits — Drive users to visit your physical business location. (Facebook only)


Want to know more about how to utilise social media for your business? Take a look at this blog

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