Is social media the reason Love Island is so popular

Now in its fourth series, its safe to say that Love Island is a national phenomenon. ITV2 recently announced that it is it’s most watched show ever – so clearly, the reality show is 100% Britain’s type on paper.  

For those who don’t know, Love Island first graced our screens back in 2005. However, it wasn’t filled with members of the public – the islanders were celebrities. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings didn’t go far and was axed after two seasons. 

So why, when research has shown that younger generations no longer watch TV, is Love Island increasing in popularity?

We investigate why social media might be the reason…

It comes as no surprise that Love Island is all over social media; with an online following of over 3 million, it frequently features as a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook. The show never struggles to be endorsed by celebrities who sit down and tune in to their 9pm guilty pleasure and Love Island alums are always keen to Live Tweet their opinions about this year’s antics:

With millennials and Gen Z’ers living so much of their lives online, it only seems right that Love Island tries to remain relevant to their audience by sharing updates and exclusive content online.

It’s hard not to think of Love Island without their social media presence, as it’s become a useful extension of the show. By Live Tweeting events as they happen on TV, encouraging the Islanders to share group photos from their phones, and even creating their own Love Island Game, they’ve been able to blur the line between digital and traditional media.

Love Island advice for brands

It’s important for brands to not put all their eggs in one basket and rely on one communication channel. You might be enjoying something on TV, but social media platforms can keep the conversation going long after the episodes are over. The fact that Kellogg has sponsored a ‘Morning After’ Love Island podcast, proves that there is a demand for entertaining opinions and observations amongst TV viewers.

Brands have a captive audience ready and waiting for them on social media. All they need to do is think of relevant ways of providing content to capture their attention. You don’t need to watch Love Island or even like it to know that social media is playing a big part in its success. Regardless of the industry, social media is no longer a ‘might have’ but a ‘must have’ for all businesses. 

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