I Don’t Need To Plan My Social Media, Do I?

We’ve talked a little bit before about how a content plan can really boost your social media performance. If you haven’t read that one yet – we recommend you do. It’s right here. Go ahead, pop over and read – we’ll be here when you get back!

Hello again. So, we were thinking. While in that post we talked about the content sitting behind the scenes, we didn’t really go into how you get to that stage – knowing what you need, and what to do with it. For that, you need a wider social media strategy. But despite the fact that brands with a planned social media strategy are much more successful than those who don’t, there are still millions of businesses who don’t plan out their social activities in advance. That’s why we’re bringing you three good reasons you should be planning your social media this year.

Provide You With Direction

There is a lot of hard work that goes into social media. But all of that writing, sharing, curating and discussing is somewhat wasted if you don’t really know why you’re doing it. Taking the time to sit down and think about what you want to achieve with social media, why you want to achieve that and how to go about it gives you a lot more clarity. And it’s not just for social either – we’ve seen customers gain a better understanding of their overarching business goals simply by planning out how to approach social media. With a social media strategy in place, you won’t have to struggle to work out what to post every day, or where you should be focussing to get the results you want. It’s all there in your plan, ready for you to follow it to success.


Helps You Target The Right Audience

Knowing your audience is important for any business to grow more effectively, no matter what industry you’re in. Social media helps you develop a deeper understanding of your audience in 2 ways. The first – by using the selection of tool available to specifically target the demographic variables of your social media following. So you can use the information you have about your current customers (age, language, business sector) to effectively target new customers with similar profiles.


But the second reason is way better. You see, after a good few months of using social media properly, you’ll start to think of your followers as an old friend. You get a sense of what they like, what they don’t like, what they respond to, what they’re interested in and what they’re passionate about. Pair this up with the analytics from those tools we talked about, and you gain a whole new insight into the people who buy from you. Which makes it much easier to understand your target’s perspective, connect with new people and convert them into loyal customers. Honestly, good social media planning can change the way you approach your whole sales funnel.


You’ll Know What’s Working, And What Isn’t

We mentioned this a bit earlier, but one of the best things about social media as a marketing strategy is the analytics tools that go with each platform. These are simple, built-in reporting tools that monitor everything about your social media activities, and feed it back to you in easily understandable chunks. Using analytics, you can see who clicked on what, when and where. Long term, you can review the reports and see trends – maybe that one kind of post has been performing really well, but another has been bombing. Maybe you lost a whole load of followers in one day. Using that information, you can look back and see what worked well, and what didn’t. Social media sites have given you the ability to track and measure everything, which means you can improve your performance based on more than just your gut feeling.


But how do you plan out your social media? How do you know what to do, when to post or even where to start? That’s where we come in. At Pickle Marketing, we specialise in helping businesses turn their social media from drab to fab through effective planning. Working closely with one of our social media superheroes, you’ll be able to create a simple, easy to follow plan for your social media that will make it the most fun and productive part of your day. For more information, or to book in your planning session, just get in touch today.

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