How important is a social media strategy?

If you use social media for business frequently, you’ll have heard these three words at some stage; social media strategy.

So, what does ‘social media strategy’ really mean, and do you really have to have one? In its most basic form, this type of strategy outlines how your business will employ social media to achieve its goals (generate more leads, create more brand awareness, increase or diversify your demographic) and identifies the platforms and tools it will use communicate on.

A useable strategy can be an editable document, that can be amended as your business goals evolve or are achieved. Strategies can also be developed on a ‘campaign basis’ that focus on outlining the campaign goals and measurable objectives, and the target outcomes you want to achieve.


It’s important to remember that your strategy must not be solely focused on what you want to achieve on social media, and subsequently keep it separate from the rest of the business. It should be created in mind of the overarching business goals and have social media as one of the various means your choosing in order to reach those goals.


If you need a bit more convincing why using a social media strategy can help your business, here our top 3 reasons:


Neglecting to develop a strategy, gives more opportunities to your competitors:

A business with a strategy can look to plan, prioritise, execute, measure and optimise effectively. By doing this, they typically will lead to better results because the activity has direction, even if the direction needs to evolve and change.


If you invest time, money and resource in social media without a clear strategy, you’ll have no idea whether your work is successful or not. If you’re simply broadcasting content just for the sake of putting it out there, how do you know whether it’s making a positive impact on the business? What if it’s actually putting people off your brand?


Don’t let your competitors (who have a targeted strategy) take your potential customers away from you, simply because you haven’t planned what you’re saying to them.


Your audience is more likely to purchase, as a result of good social media:

According to Sprout Social 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media – if that’s not reason enough, we don’t know what is!

Communicate your brand effectively, with appropriate targeting, your chances of getting customers to purchase is greater than those who don’t.


Brands can now directly communicate with potential customers via social media, so there has never been a better time to make sure your customers are getting the best possible perception of your brand and what it offers. Applying a focused and well-considered social media strategy can turn a prospect into a lead.


Increase the chance for customer loyalty:

Brands are now working harder on the ‘customer experience’, because they understand the impact it has on their reputation. When businesses use social media to engage with their audience, they subsequently achieve a higher level of loyalty from their customers. Research in American shows that 50% of people who follow their favourite brand on social media, are more likely to be loyal in their purchasing choices, than those who don’t.


If you could minimise the possibility of a customer moving away from your brand, to a competitor, would you? Of course, you would!

So, how do you implement a Social Media Strategy?

The answer is easier than you think! Pickle Marketing are going to show you the best way to build and start implementing a strategy that works for your business. All you need to do is join us at our strategy workshop on Wednesday, October 17th. Click here to register your place.