How Effective Is Your Marketing, Really?

And more importantly, do you know how to go about answering that question?


Marketing is one of those things that most business owners know they need to do, and they might even know what good marketing looks like, but a lot aren’t really sure how it’s all measured. And so they keep doing what they’re doing, with no real idea of if it’s working or not, and if it’s generating them a profit, or if it’s actually making them a loss.  


As a result, many businesses still don’t understand how to really maximise the value of their marketing, or even how to use it effectively at all. And if they do, only a small percentage are actively testing and measuring their success, then using that knowledge to improve their strategies. We think this a crying shame. So we’re going to share a few ways you can measure your marketing efforts, and work out just how effective your strategy is.

What Does Success Look Like?


Before you can possibly say if your marketing is successful or not, you need to know what success looks like for you. This is important, as success for one business isn’t necessarily the same thing as success for another. So ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve through your marketing? Are you looking for more new enquiries from your website? Do you want more people to see your Facebook posts, or maybe an increase in bookings for your next event. These measures might change depending on the current aims of your business over time, but that’s ok! That’s the beautiful thing about marketing. If you decide to change your focus, then you can change what you are measuring to match it. Once you know what success looks like, measuring it becomes a much simpler job.


Analytics Are Everywhere


Whenever we come across someone who says they can’t measure their marketing, we are baffled. Because there are literally thousands of ways you could be measuring your marketing, thanks to the world of digital marketing. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few examples of the analytical tools you can use to measure your marketing:


Google Analytics: A simple little plugin that, when installed on your website will let loose a huge wave of information. With Google Analytics, you can see how many people visit each page of your website, when the visited and where they came from. You can find out basic information about them, see how long they spent on each page, what they looked at and what they clicked on. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. An the best part is – it’s free!


Facebook Insights: If you’re running Facebook advertising campaigns or use Facebook to communicate with your customers in any way, Facebook can provide you with a lot of information. How many people viewed your page, when, what was clicked on, how many engagements you had, and even their basic information. All really useful information that can help you hone in your messaging.


Pretty much every social media and marketing platform now comes with a built-in analytics tool, designed to help you see the benefits you’re getting and how well your marketing is performing. All you need to do is use them!


Measuring Offline Marketing


Traditional ‘offline’ marketing is one of those areas that a lot of business owners say ‘well, we can’t really measure it, but we do it anyway’. Well, we’re going to call you on that. Because even if you don’t have the fancy analytics and automatic tracking, there are ways you can assess the effectiveness of analogue marketing. For example, you can:


Use branded links: A lot of businesses will just share their main domain link on all of the marketing materials. But instead, try creating unique landing pages for each of your campaigns, locations or marketing methods, and use a unique link for each of them. For example, you could use for a magazine advert, or for a campaign in Oxford. It’s more memorable for the people seeing your marketing, and it means that when they do visit your website, you know where they came from.


Call Tracking Links: Not everyone who sees your offline marketing will want to engage with you online. Plenty of people prefer speaking on the phone, or by other methods. But how do you tell if a customer is calling you because they’ve seen your posters, or because they read your magazine ad? Call tracking numbers are  perfect for this. They are essentially the telephone equivalent of a custom landing page. Instead of your normal business phone number, you can use a service that allows you to choose different phone numbers for different campaigns, and redirect them to your standard number. This way, you can tell exactly where the phone call came from based on which number they called. Neat, huh?


Discount Codes: Everyone loves a discount. And one of the best things about them from a business point of view is that they are unique. So they incentivise people to engage with your business, and help you track where they came from at the same time. Just issue slightly different discount codes to each of your marketing channels, and when they are used, you can see where they came from, and measure the volume from there.


A great man once said ‘half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is, I don’t know which half.’ And for a lot of business owners, this is absolutely true. But it doesn’t have to be. Tracking and measuring your marketing efforts is actually a simple thing, it just takes a small amount of effort and know how. And by measuring how well each activity is performing, you can funnel your time, money and energy into the options that are bringing you a good return, and spend less time on things that aren’t generating leads for your business. If you’d like to find out more about how to measure your marketing, or how to build a marketing machine all your own, just get in touch with us today.

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