Be on the ball: How to score with your marketing during the World Cup

There’s no doubt about it, there’s nothing that brings people together quite like sport. With the World Cup now in full swing and the entire nation’s eyes on the pitch, you’re probably thinking that this is the perfect opportunity for a football-focused marketing campaign to help promote your brand – and you’d be right.


Just like the real thing however, kicking the ball around without a strategy isn’t going to score you any goals. It’s a tough game out there and you’ll need to play keepie-uppie with the market! So what are the key tricks we can learn from the games that’ll help your marketing, and how can you make sure football enhances your business marketing, but doesn’t become the attention focus?

Know your game plan

Creating a campaign around the World Cup can be a lot of fun and a good way to give your brand a light-hearted and approachable feel. It’s also a great way of starting a conversation with your audience alongside engaging with trends and the mood of the nation. However, it’s important to remember despite the fun and games, that your marketing needs a game plan. It’s no good mentioning the football if you can’t relate it back to your product or service to benefit your business and remain relevant. There’s a lot of ways in which you can tie it in - think about merchandise, football strategies, fashion, marketing, team-work, recruitment, coaching – there are so many ways you can relate it to your product or service.


Engage and entertain

One of the main reasons people love the World Cup is for the entertainment, and your marketing strategy needs to reflect the same. Creating image-heavy posts that make your audience smile, laugh or think deeper is a great way to get them communicating with your brand whilst staying relevant. Be creative and find ways to incorporate the football theme into your brand imagery for a refreshing look during the games that’ll catch the eye of your customers.


Remember, it’s important to know the imagery and vocabulary you can and can’t use during the games, so have a look at Fifa’s brand rules.



Create a sense of winning

Everyone gets that light up feeling when they win, so it’s important to make your customers feel good and know that they’re getting a great deal with you. Running a football-themed competition on social media is a great way to capitalize on the nation’s competitive spirit during the games, or you can showcase your best offerings with a football spin to give your brand that all important winning appeal. Think about using your testimonials, best offers and KPIs to inform your campaigns and use football lingo to get those customers backing you.


Score that hat trick

Three really is the magic number. Pattern marketing is a great way to re-enforce your key message. Customers that are exposed to the same message three times are more likely to remember and therefore invest in your brand. Remember when you create your campaign to target your key audience and keep your messages consistent in order to maximise your changes of scoring a sale.



Be in the moment

Just like in football, things in marketing can change, and they can change fast. Whilst it’s great to have a plan in place, be prepared to jump onto a new path and change your strategy. Use those hashtags and get your brand in on the action, stay informed and don’t get caught out – you don’t want to be seen posting inaccurate information or using an inappropriate hashtag! It’s also good to consider when to get your key messages out. You don’t want important announcements or news getting lost in the buzz of football fanatics. Make sure you stay relevant, but save your key messages for in between matches to get the best engagement from your audience.



Here at Pickle, we like to kick the ball around to get ideas bouncing, so we’d love to hear what’s working for you, or even what’s not. If you’re stuck with your strategy, let’s have a chat about how we can help. Drop us an email or give us a call on 01491 877 533


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