A Day In The Life Of Pickles

At Pickle HQ, there is always something exciting going on. From running workshops with groups of hyperactive business owners to posting cute animal photos with a powerful message, our team is all about having fun and enjoying the social side of social media. But we don’t talk about ourselves much – we spend most of our time talking about our wonderful clients. So this month, we thought we would do a bit of a ‘meet the team’ post, and introduce you to one of our friendliest, and certainly most popular team members, Pickles.


Hi! My name’s Pickles, and I run things here at Pickle HQ.

I’m 32 years old (which 4 in your human years) and I’m a West Highland Terrier, which means I’m super friendly. I love coming into Pickle HQ every day, sometimes more than mummy, who doesn’t get out of the car nearly fast enough. My mummy likes to call me her ‘meet and greet’ team, and I take my job very seriously. Every new person who visits Pickle HQ will get a cuddle and a handshake from me, as well as a tour around the office. I always say visitors are welcome to use any of my beds to sit in, but for some reason they prefer those big uncomfortable looking chairs.

In the mornings my mummy will often run a workshop to teach people how to be liked on social media (just post pictures of food, right?). This means lots of new people for me to meet and play with. They have to pass my strict security-sniff-and-lick test first though! When they are all settled I do the rounds of the room, making sure everyone is happy by giving them cuddles and guarding the door from intruders. I also like to show off my favourite Santa toy! 

Lunchtime is one of my favourite times of day, because Rob and Yan go out and buy lots of lovely food from our local Goring Chocolate Cafe or Goring Grocer.  I’m not very good at telling the time, so I always know it’s lunchtime when I hear that rustling noise. They complain and tell me it’s 'people food', but I know it’s really mine, and they always drop bits under the desk for me! Once I’ve eaten I will take mummy out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and make sure she doesn’t spend all day staring at that bright box on her desk. I have lots of friends in the park, including some very nice pigeons who I play tag with.


When we get back to Pickle HQ it’s time for another of my workplace duties – paper shredding! I love pulling apart all of the documents no one needs anymore (at least I don’t think they need them) and making sure they are good and destroyed. For the rest of the afternoon I will usually curl up on the wheels of mummy’s chair and have a snooze, making sure she is safe from any dangerous mice or stray papers.


I try to come into the office every day, but sometimes I have to stay home, and on those days I’m quite lonely. I sometimes even get messages from Pickle HQ telling me how much they (and all of their visitors) miss me when I can’t make it in. But my mummy knows how much I love their office and how much her clients enjoy my cuddles and kisses, so she doesn’t banish me home very often!”


As you can see, our fickle little Pickles is really quite a character. She had been our office mascot since she was just a puppy, and she is as much a member of the Pickle family as everyone else. Our office has become a dog friendly haven thanks to her, and she is one of the many reasons we are all so cheerful and happy to come to work every day. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Pickles, keep an eye out for our next "meet the team' post!  

We invite you to come into the office for a coffee and a cuddle with Pickles any time. And if you would like to pick her brains about being successful on social media, she is always available for a consultation!

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