5 Reasons your Business needs to be on Instagram

You may not be aware of this, but we’re big lovers of social media over here at Pickle Towers. We love even more a social platform dedicated to just images and that’s why Instagram is one of our favourite social channels to use at the moment.

Your business could be benefiting from this superb platform, but like others we’re guessing your stuck at the ‘I wouldn’t know what to post’ or a very common one ‘I’m a service based business, I don’t have any images to promote my services’. Whilst it is true that a service based business might struggle a bit more as there isn’t a physical product to share, this just encourages you to think out the box and be creative on how you market your business.

So if you’re still not sure about it, consider these points:

Showcase your business in a different light

As we’ve already mentioned, Instagram really does get the creative juices flowing and it forces you to showcase what your business does in a different way. This a good thing as it ensures your marketing activity doesn’t become stale. Personally, we often post marketing tips or a ‘behind the scene’ shot of one of our events to showcase what we do.


You’re not reliant on characters

Twitter recently announced that images will no longer take up characters in your tweets (with links to follow shortly) and whilst we think this is a great move, it can be tedious trying to engage with your audience in 140 characters. Instagram does have a character limit of over 2000 to describe your image which is plentiful! Whilst the image is key the character space is essential.


#You #Can #Build #An #Audience #With #Hashtags

Yes, you can do this with the other platforms but it is so much better with Instagram. Think of Hashtags as your keywords - essential to getting your content found by a wide audience but we don’t want to actually see the #tags. Once you have uploaded your content and added your description, you can add plenty of hast tags. We recommend you follow our image on the right. Doing this method will hide the tags when in a newsfeed. Nice and tidy! Use this to build your brand and get your business out there.


Add personality to your business

Now arguably whenever you think of Pickle Marketing, Pickles the dog is usually not far behind. Pickles is quite the star on our Facebook and Instagram page and she gets a lot of attention, both offline and online. Whether we’re talking to a client we’ve worked with for years or a prospect, everyone wants to ask ‘How Pickles?’.

Lisa and Yan do also make it in some of the shots and all of this just showcases we’re not a faceless organisation. We also share things we’re passionate about – for example, did you also know that all the Pickle team are blood donors?


Imagery is taking over text

As the digital age continues to expand and develop more and more studies show that our attention span is actually getting shorter (in fact a recent study shows that because of smartphones, we now have a shorter attention span that a goldfish – shocking) because our attention span is getting shorter we’re less likely to read text, so how do we combat this? Good quality, exciting images!  Visual content really helps to tell a story, so it’s no surprise that visual content is far more engaging to the modern human. We do get the irony that we’ve written this in a blog post ;)


So, what are you waiting for? Take action now! Create an account and create some engaging content for your business. If you’re still in a pickle about it then maybe let the Pickle team take care of it for you!

We can also recommend some great local photographers who can come to your business and spend a few hours up to a full day at your office and take lots of great building/team/products shots you can then utilise across your social media and general marketing. Just get in touch and we’ll pass on their details!

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