10 Ideas to Help You Overcome Content Block

Content block. It happens all the time - a quiet week with no big events and not much happening aside from the mere usual. Everything’s feeling a little lacklustre and your social media content ideas are about as uninspiring as your office carpet.


So what can you do to pick things up and get your feeds flowing again?

Here are 10 ideas from us here at Pickle to give your social media that extra bit of power.


1. Be a copy cat

When you’re feeling lost on social media, take a look at what other people are doing. Is there a National Day that you could get on board with? Get involved with the topics people are talking about and introduce it into your feed. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to your industry, it’s no real hardship to take part in National Ice Cream day, is it?


2. Start a conversation

Read some blogs or skim some titles to find subjects or ideas that interest you. Ask yourself some questions about the subject and see if your colleagues have an opinion on it. Then, take the questions to twitter and watch the thoughts flood in. We read this piece on a vlogger who decided to bring social media to life by redecorating peoples bedrooms based on their Instagram feed (which when we asked around the office for thoughts, raised a lot of ‘my walls would just be pictures of dogs’ comments).


3. Interview a colleague or a close customer

Bag yourself a great bit of recyclable content with this trick. Mix a short series of personal and professional questions to get a few interesting fact and thoughts from others. Ask the right questions and you might even get an answer you could use as a testimonial!


4. Review something

Maybe you’ve recently started using a new service or product. Use social media as the perfect opportunity to air your thoughts, and even write a recommendation if you think it’s worth shouting about!


5. Recommend a book or tutorial

Your business is a reflection of you, so chances are your clients will have similar interests. If you’re a graphic designer and know a great book on typography, let people know! If you’re a makeup artist and watched an inspiring tutorial on creating a flawless natural look, share it with your followers. It’ll highlight you as a thought leader and get people talking.


6. Use an info graphic

Simple but effective. Remind people of a service you provide; an offer you’re running or something your business has achieved.



7. Winner, Winner! Get a competition going

If you’re looking to create some buzz, run a competition. Give away a product or a free trial of your service. You could even make it fun and interactive by getting a colleague involved and agreeing a forfeit. For every like or retweet you get, get them to act on it. It could be placing a sticky note on their head or body for each engagement your post receives. Plus, you won’t be short on post updates for the day!


8. Talk about an event your going to or something you’re looking forward to

Got an exciting conference or a team day out coming up? Let people know what you have planned!


9. Share something funny that relates to your industry

When in doubt, share something viral. Think of a topic that relates to your industry and find a funny gif or video that you can associate it with. It’s a great way to get people engaging with your content and makes your brand friendly.


10. Inspire people

If you’ve got a mantra, a company value or just a favourite inspirational quote, let your followers know about it and leave them feeling positive about your brand.



Got an idea that we’ve missed? We’d love to know where you turn when you’re stuck for ideas! Get in touch or tag us on social media to let us know!

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