Creative content: a recipe for social media success

The Great British Bake Off is back and the nation is once again drawn into the promise of brilliant baking masterpieces, and the risk of a few soggy bottoms!


We’ve taken a leaf out of GBBO’s (recipe)book and identified ways you can make sure your content rises high above your competitors and never falls flat. Take a look at our recipe for building creative content, your audience will engage with:



  1. Craft a selection of professional or well-edited photos for fresh and attractive content. Photos should either be of the product your offering, or clearly demonstrate the service you are providing (this could be of your team members completing the service). Imagery that is on brand, can be used again and again.
  2. Whip-up a defined campaign calendar; which outlines topics you are keen to promote throughout the year. This can be related to an offer/discount, seasonal promotion of a product/service etc.
  3. Stir up conversations on social media; talk to your audience in the right way for the appropriate platform. Not sure which platform will work for you? We have a blog to help! 
  4. Take a pinch of inspiration from the GBBO Instagram page. Video content will out-perform the rest; they don’t have to be long, in fact 30 seconds (for Instagram) is the optimal amount of time for videos!
  5. Sprinkle in hashtags that are suited to your content, and start to see engagement from your followers.
  6. Spread out your conversation topics; try and have regular content that focuses on news in your field of work. By doing this, your audience will be more likely to see you as engaged and active within your industry.


Serve up a delicious selection of content that your audience will love by keeping a batch of posts available to share at all times. Our Picklettes always recommend pre-planning and scheduling your content for the week ahead - which saves you from scrambling for things to talk about and keeps you consistent in posting things regularly.

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