Making Your Marketing Happen

You probably know that you should be doing more marketing for your business, but you just don't have time or don't know where to start. The world of online marketing can seem overwhelming to the newcomer and too time consuming for many busy business owners. Pickle Marketing is passionate about helping businesses grow using the power of online marketing. Based in Berkshire, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes, locally and across the UK.

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Meet the team here at Pickle HQ

Lisa Chaffey,  Thinker, Planner, Do'er

You know that feeling at school when you wished someone else could do your homework for you? Lisa knows that you probably still experience those emotions in certain areas of your business.

Maybe you don’t know where to start with your social media presence, or marketing campaigns might leave you staring blankly at an empty whiteboard.  Here’s some good news. While it would have been unthinkable to have the school swot do your English essay, there’s nothing to stop you now handing your big scary projects over to Lisa and saying: ‘You’ve got a week – just get on and do it, please!’

Lisa’s team can handle your toughest assignment – so if something’s been giving you sleepless nights you will appreciate having a huge burden lifted from your shoulders as you leave the task in their capable hands.  

Lisa is renowned for treating her clients’ businesses with the same care, consideration and confidentiality as her own and receives glowing testimonials about her attitude.  Positive vibes ooze from her every pore and each new challenge will be met with a smile, a pair of rolled up sleeves and a decent dose of ‘can do’ determination – never a frown!

In her free time Lisa can be found walking 'Pickles' her gorgeous little Westie pup (see below), baking cupcakes, learning something new, going for a run, hanging out with inspiring people or reading a good book!  You can follow Lisa on Twitter @picklemarketing

Pickles, Head of Shredding & Motivation

Pickles is the youngest member of the Pickle Marketing team and likes to think she has the most important job as 'Head of Shredding & Motivation'! 

She's great at generally looking cute and getting the boss away from her desk in lunch breaks for a bit of fresh air in the park. When she's feeling particularly mischievous, she can be found digging in the garden, shredding bits of paper or barking at the pigeons!  She also likes to look after the office when we're out meeting clients.

You can follow Pickles on Twitter @PicklesThePooch

Yan, Marketing Executive

Yan looks after all of our lovely clients here in the Pickle Marketing Family, and brings a range of marketing and social media experience and expertise. Specialising in Digital Marketing, Yan loves nothing more than to get stuck in and make sure your online presence is working for you and your business. Yan is a proven young marketer that has worked on a number of interesting projects over the past few years. Yan joined the marketing world by completing a marketing apprenticeship and is now looking at taking on a qualification with the CIM (Charted institute of Marketing).

Working as a photographer for a number of years, Yan has an extremely creative mind that he often puts to good use. 

Out of the office, Yan enjoys nothing more than to be in the welcoming sun at a music festival, camera in one hand, drink in the other. Yan has a very keen interest in photography and always takes one of his camera’s on whatever adventure lies ahead of him. 

Graham, Social Media Specialist

Graham is an experienced journalist who quickly spotted the value of social media platforms to business. When he's not honing carefully worded Tweets for maximum impact or spotting the potential for a successful Facebook campaign, Graham is great at inspiring our creative juices and those of our clients. He’s run his own business for 18 years and has worked hard at building a great reputation for providing top quality service and giving great value to clients.

As an experienced wordsmith he can contribute sparkling copy, snappy headlines and catchy captions.

Away from work Graham is active in football, running and circuit training and he loves winter because it means he can go ski-ing. He is also an avid fan of Nils Lofgren (he’d be very pleased to answer your question of ‘who?’) and he’s part of the leadership team at his local Baptist church. Graham has three cats, a weakness that Pickles has graciously agreed to overlook.

Mike, Marketing Copywriter

If we have a marketing message we need to deliver through the written word – online or offline, Mike’s our man: They say (and we agree) that ‘content is king’ well, Mike’s king of content!

After a spell overseas as a holiday rep, Mike cut his marketing teeth with tour operator Club 18-30 Holidays (a dream role he still says is the highlight of his career), before ‘going straight’ and working at a senior level with various London-based marketing agencies. Here he gained valuable experience, planning and implementing marketing campaigns for a diverse range of blue-chip clients.  For the last 15 years or so, Mike’s worked for himself. He specialises in copywriting, helping businesses to find their ‘tone of voice’, and creating compelling written content that’s on brand, engaging, appeals directly to the target audience – and gets the results the client wants. We use his words for websites, brochures, articles, direct mail, press releases, adverts, blogs, newsletters and much more!

If Mike’s not at his desk scribbling, he’s probably out for a run, he’s a competitive distance runner and loves nothing more than clocking up the miles in all weathers. He also finds inspiration in ‘proper’ coffee, University Challenge and as a last resort, Guinness (regular NOT extra cold).